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February 7, 2023

Black History Month: The Rich History of Our African Hair

In 15th century West Africa, hair was an identifier, it was a way to distinguish a person’s age, religion, rank, marital status and even family groups. Styles like dreadlocks are thought to have originated from Africa and were often used to represent social status. Since intricate braiding styles often took hours or even days to complete, it was a time of bonding and community between women.
March 18, 2021

Baby Hair Growth: Facts and 6 Hacks for Hair Growth In Babies

The hair growth journey for babies is different. Here are a few hacks to get your baby’s hair growing a little faster or better, generally a few hacks to speed hair growth in infants. Remember, you want to ensure that your baby enjoys his/her hair moments and they do not associate those moments with pain - especially for the little girls for whom you’d like to keep their hair longer.
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