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June 6, 2024

Is Heat Damage Reversible? What You Need To Know

Heat damage in natural hair is a common concern, but with the right care and attention, it can be managed and even reversed to some extent.
April 24, 2024

Curls Don’t Hold? 7 Reasons Why + Amazing Tips To Help

Understand exactly why your curls just won’t hold
April 4, 2024

Multiple Hair Textures On You Head? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Embracing the uniqueness of natural hair beyond simplified categories
February 19, 2024

Having Natural Hair Doesn’t Mean You Have To Avoid Water

Water’s actually pretty important for your strands
January 20, 2024

6 Unique Ways To Accessorize Your Natural Hair

Up your hair styling game with these accessories.
January 12, 2024

Why Your Hair Ends Need Special Care

Your hair ends are the most susceptible to dryness and breakage.
December 26, 2023

5 Reasons Your Scalp Is Super Itchy (And How To Fix It)

Ever found yourself scratching your head more often than usual? We're here with 3 possible causes(and solutions too!)
December 1, 2023

Heat Is Okay-To An Extent

"How often can I heat style my hair?" is a question that requires thoughtful consideration.
November 29, 2023

What Conditioning Really Does For Your Hair

As long as you have natural hair, conditioning is of all benefit to you. Conditioning is probably the most fundamental step of your hair care regimen. This post-shampoo step plays a crucial role in maintaining your hair’s moisture balance. Stick around as we delve into what conditioning really does for your hair.
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