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July 18, 2024

Thinning Edges Are Not Normal: What You Need To Know About Traction Alopecia

Ever stared in the mirror and noticed your once-full hairline creeping back a little further each day?
July 15, 2024

How to Combat Excessive Hair Shedding: Tips from Experts

Most hair shedding is normal, but when you notice more hair clogging your shower drain or wrapped around your brush than usual, it might be time to look deeper.
July 13, 2024

How To Fix Dull Hair: 5 Easy Remedies

Something that’s dull is described as lacking brightness, vividness, or sheen. When applied to hair, this means it lacks that coveted shine and vibrant look.
July 12, 2024

The Link Between Vitamins, Minerals, and Hair Loss: Everything You Need To Know

The health of your hair is closely linked to your overall nutritional status.
July 10, 2024

The Truth About Sleeping with Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioners are usually designed to work within a timeframe of 20-30 minutes. Leaving them on longer than recommended can lead to results you may not have expected.
July 9, 2024

Rice Water and Low Porosity Hair: What You Need To Know

At least every natural has thought about using rice water at some point.
July 8, 2024

How To Give Your Hair A Boost With Steaming

Imagine this: a soothing, steamy treatment that revives your strands and pampers your scalp. Sounds dreamy, right?
June 21, 2024

How to Get Thicker Hair: 9 Expert Tips

While genetics play a significant role in hair thickness, there are numerous expert-approved strategies that can help you achieve fuller hair.
June 20, 2024

How Long Can My Hair Really Grow In A Month?

Ever wondered, "How long can my hair grow in a month?" It's a common question that plagues many of us as we dream of long luscious locks or impatiently wait for a trim to take effect.
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